Blood, sweat and tears is a little bit of what it took to launch this web site. A few debacles and hurdles but finally LIVE. It’s 3am and in 4 hours, I’ll be waking up to run in the Warrior Dash. 3.1 miles and 12 obstacles. My first race of any sort. Crossing 2 finish lines in 1 day is a great win and a little bit nuts.

I’m so excited to finally be able to get the vision and designs out into the world. IMA water baby and why Water Zombie was born. I learned to swim the typical Floridian way. Dad just threw me into the pool at 8months old in hopes that I could figure out what to do. I surf, wakeboard and dive. I follow sharks and try to pet them. Appropriately nicknamed Shark Bait when I went to play with Great Whites at the Guadalupe Islands in 2010. A Water Zombie™ always and forever.

We plan on releasing quite a few new designs over the next few months to slowly get into a seasonal rhythm. Our goal is to constantly stay fresh and edgy each season. Never doing the same design twice. We have so many ideas so that will NOT be a problem.  Men’s Watersport Clothing, Women’s Watersport Clothing, ipad/iphone cases, stickers, sweatshirts, hoodies, bags, totes, kids clothing, water bottles, ect… are just a few things we are offering.

Don’t forget to enter to be the next Zombie of the Month. Who wouldn’t want to be a Zombie?! :)

Stay wet my friend.

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